Tips for food safety in during power outage

Power outages and food safety risks

In response to a power outage in some areas of Hong Kong, many employers and maids are worried that the food in the refrigerator will be spoiled when the power outage occurs. In fact, there are ways to maintain food safety before and after the power is restored.


During a power outage:

  1. Remind Filipino maids and Indonesian maids to avoid opening the refrigerator compartments and ice trays, and prolong the maintenance time of proper storage temperature, because bacteria will grow rapidly in the dangerous temperature range of 4 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius.

  2. Remind Filipino maids and Indonesian maids that if the doors of the refrigerator compartment and ice tray are kept closed, the refrigerator compartment can safely store food for 2 to 4 hours; a full ice tray can be stored for 48 hours; and a half full ice tray can be stored for 48 hours. Save for 24 hours.

  3. Learn more about the news and know when the power outage will start, and remind Filipino maids and Indonesian maids to help calculate the time of the outage, so as to determine which foods are safe to eat.


After power is restored:

  1. Remind Filipino maids and Indonesian maids to check the temperature of perishable food and calculate how long the food may be kept outside the safe temperature range.

  2. Any potentially risky perishable food, such as meat, seafood, eggs, milk, dairy products, cut fruits and cooked food, should be refrigerated immediately or if kept at 4°C to 60°C for less than two hours. use; if more than two hours but less than four hours, use immediately; if more than four hours, discard; and

  3. Foods that can be stored at room temperature are less perishable, including highly acidic foods (such as mustard, ketchup, jam, pickles), some processed foods (such as peanut butter, butter, bread) and most dried foods, If stored in a refrigerator or ice tray, it does not necessarily need to be thrown away.


Foods can be eaten thoroughly cooked if:

The power outage time should not exceed 4 hours, and the doors of refrigerators and freezers should be kept closed. Note that the temperature of the refrigerator compartment should be displayed below 5°C, and the freezer compartment should be displayed as -18°C or below; after inspection, it is safe to eat Food should be marked with "first use", and should be kept refrigerated and eaten as soon as possible.


Food should be discarded and should not be processed, sold or eaten if:

Food with signs of decay, abnormal sensory properties, or suspected spoilage; perishable food (such as meat, seafood, milk and dairy products, cut fruits and cooked After the food is discarded, the inside and outside of the refrigeration and freezing equipment should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and then the food should be put back in.


Sunlight Employment Agency hopes that all employers and maids will be more comfortable handling food safety in the event of a power outage!

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