Service Charges-Service contents and charges of overseas Maids

Service contents and charges of Overseas  Maids

The Sunlight Employment Agency works closely with large training centers in the Philippines and Indonesia. A professional team is set up to interview foreign maids, and strictly select experienced maids with good character and enthusiastic attitude for employers to choose.

Overseas maid service charge
Overseas Indonesian maidOverseas Filipino maid
$11,980 UP
$11,980 UP#

Costs include:

Local housekeeping and language training fees
Overseas self examination
Contract confirmation fee of Indonesian / Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong
Visa fee for first entry to Hong Kong
One way ticket to Hong Kong
Specially assigned person to pick up the plane to our company
Meals for the first two days

Assistant maid Hong Kong Identity Card

#Free training courses for foreign domestic helpers (delivered by professional registered nurses)

Maid documents and exit fee
Labour legislation consultation
Free training courses for domestic helpers in Hong Kong
Replace an overseas maid / local maid at a preferential price within half a year (subject to relevant terms)

First year Hong Kong labour insurance
Including Philippine insurance #

Additional Service

Newborn and Childcare Service

Sunlight Employment Agency provides professional newborn and childcare services, allowing 

mothers to have sufficient rest while ensuring the healthy and happy growth of their babies. For 

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Elderly Care Service

Sunlight Employment Agency's domestic helpers have received professional training to provide 

comprehensive elderly care services, including nursing assistance, support, and companionship.

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Domestic Driver Recruitment Service

We assist in hiring Filipino drivers to manage various household tasks and transport family 

members. They also maintain, service, clean, and polish vehicles. For more details, click here to

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