Sunlight Group Charity Fund

Sunlight Group cherishes talents, not only providing a job, but also providing long-term career paths.
The Group encourages employees to participate in the company's operations and affairs, express opinions on the company's development direction and participate in improvement, and has a high degree of authorization. Employees can enjoy the space to play and increase their job satisfaction. The company also opens up internal promotion channels to promote capable people and allow employees Their talents.
Sunlight Charity Fund
Purpose of establishment 1.Bring into play the spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance among colleagues and foreign domestic helpers of the Sunlight Group to strengthen the cohesion and centripetal force of the group.
2.Adhering to the spirit of altruism, put others first and then oneself, give priority to relief, and help the poor at the same time.
Support objects and forms 1.It is a safety and protection net for Sunlight Group employees and foreign domestic helpers in the event of misfortune.
2.Follow up on a case-by-case basis and provide emergency financial assistance through the Fund
Announce operations and cases Announce the case and financial status of the fund at the annual party, and report the information of the aid case without compromising the privacy of personal data.
If there are any changes to the contents of the fund, the latest published version shall prevail. In case of disputes, the company has the final decision.
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