A complete guide to eliminating fishy smell of fish (a must learn for Filipino and Indonesian helpers)

Cause of fishy smell

Mrs. Chen: "This fish is very fishy, why don't you drop ginger?"


Every time Jessie, a newly arrived Filipino helper in Hong Kong, cooks fish for dinner, her employer, Mrs. Chen, complains that the fish is too fishy. In fact, the fishy smell is proportional to the freshness of the fish. The fresher the fish, the less fishy smell.


The fishy odor can be found in every fish, only the difference between strong and light odor. The fishy smell is produced by bacterial enzymes through a substance called trimethylamine. Fish scales, fins, and gills still contain substances that cause fishy smell, which are difficult to remove even after cleaning, and the fishy smell will be stronger if left for a long time.


In fact, there are many ways to eliminate fishy, this article will share several common methods with Filipino maids and Indonesian helpers.



Sunlight Tips (Fishy smell removal):

  • Boil, steam or fry the fish for a while, and then add the ginger, the effect of removing the fishy smell will be more obvious (put the ginger on the skin of the fish, and put the ginger in the fish maw for better effect).

  • Cooking fish can be paired with spices with strong flavors, such as shallots, garlic, ginger and chili peppers (Ginger, shallots, and garlic are smashed for better deodorization).

  • Soak live fish in salt water for two to three days.

  • Wash the fish with wine before cooking, and add wine (rice wine, red wine, white wine) during cooking or when it is nearly fully cooked.

  • Milk can remove fishy smell and increase the umami taste of fish, especially when stewing and frying fish.


Tips for removing fishy smell from different cooking methods:

  • Steamed fish: Put ginger slices, green onions, peels, etc. on the fish surface and steam them together. After steaming, put shredded green onion and coriander on the surface, and then pour over the oil.

  • Fried fish, fried fish: marinate with salt, ginger juice, wine, green onion or coriander before frying, it is best to remove the fishy smell.

  • Boil fish soup: Fry the fish first, add ginger to make soup.


Sunlight Employment Agency hopes that the above latest information can help employers and Filipino maids and Indonesian helpers learn more about fish removal skills and enjoy more delicious fish meals.

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