Tips for Filipino and Indonesian helper to clean exterior windows

Clause on cleaning outward-facing windows to safeguard the occupational safety of FDHs.

The clause stipulates that, when an employer requires the FDH to clean the outside of any window which is not located on the ground level or adjacent to a balcony (on which it must be reasonably safe for the helper to work) or common corridor, this must be performed under the following two conditions:

Sunlight Tips (Cleaning Exterior Windows)

Aluminum window plastic edge cleaning

The glass glue edge is not easy to clean, just like the glass glue edge cleaning in the bathroom. Saturate a strip of cloth or paper with bleach, cover it with glass glue, and remove mold in about half an hour.

Window frame cleaning

Aluminium windows are easy to accumulate dust close to the outdoors, and as a result, they will turn yellow if they are not cleaned for many years. In fact, the daily cleaning of aluminum window frames is very simple. You only need to prepare water, add a spoonful of dishwashing liquid, and after stirring, use a rag to dip the dishwashing liquid into the water to wipe the window frame without special detergent. If some stains have eroded into the aluminum window frame, use water sandpaper of 200 grit or less. The texture of water sandpaper is relatively fine and suitable for metal surfaces. As long as the water sandpaper is wet and sanded on the stains on the window frame, the stains can be removed.

Few people pay attention to the aluminum window hinge slot. It has been exposed to the outdoors for a long time and accumulates a lot of dust. The position of the hinge groove is difficult to clean with a rag, and an old toothbrush can be used to brush the dirt.

Glass cleaning

The glass cleanliness of aluminum windows affects the brightness of the room. Glass should be the last step in cleaning aluminum windows. The rag for cleaning the window should be made of a cloth that is not easy to lose hair. After it is also stained with detergent water and wrung out, wipe it from the top to the bottom. Do not wipe back and forth, and the glass can be wiped clean.

Sunlight Tips (Exterior Window Safety Related)

Check first, then clean: Before cleaning, check whether the handles, hinges, screws, etc. of the window are loose. If there is any problem, check and repair.

Don't rely on the window frame to use force: the weight of the aluminum window is limited, and some of the screws or hinges of the window may be corroded, so you should not rely on the window frame to use force to avoid accidents. If there are no window grilles in the home window, you must stand on the ground when opening the window.

Make good use of ladders, do not stretch your upper body out of the window: do not stand on the folding stool when cleaning, use ladders to assist. Do not overextend your body out of the ladder, or stand up to two steps on the ladder. With the exception of the arms, the upper body and other body parts should not stick out of the window.

Make good use of long-length tools such as window wipers to maintain air circulation: Make good use of long-length tools such as window wipers or window scrapers. When cleaning, use a rope to tie the tool handle and wrap it around the wrist to prevent the tool from falling out of hand. Ensure ventilation when working with chemicals and wear gloves, goggles and a mask.

Sunlight Employment Agency hopes that the above latest information will help employers and helpers to learn more about the techniques of cleaning exterior windows to avoid danger.

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