Maid services

Domestic helper service

1、Service Content

Household cleaning, cooking, washing clothes, car washing, baby care, child care, and elderly care.

2、Feature of Filipino Maid Service

High education level: have a high school or college degree.

Good English level: The Filipino maid can communicate in English, which just creates a good environment for your children to learn English.

Strong learning ability: Filipino domestic helpers have a good educational background, they are good at adapting to the environment and diligent in learning.

Good sense of work: Active, easy to get along with others, good understanding ability, good sense of obedience, will definitely make you feel more relaxed, good value for money.

Professional qualifications: Some Filipino domestic helpers are qualified as nurses or midwives.

3、Features of Indian Service

Indian servants are hardworking, obedient, simple and honest. Most Indonesian maids can learn to communicate in Cantonese or Mandarin in a short period of time. Most of them have graduated from junior high school to high school. They are lively, cheerful and easy-going. Therefore, most employers in Hong Kong have hired overseas Indonesian maids in the past ten years.

The reasons for the increasing popularity of Indonesian maids are summarized:

1. The ethnic characteristics of Indonesian maids are relatively simple, and they are more obedient to the instructions of the employer. Less affected and infected by other relatives, friends and villages.

2. Since 1997, the Indonesian government has encouraged employment centers to provide more professional training and stricter implementation of domestic helper work ability assessment, which has improved the quality of Indonesian employment.

3. Since the financial turmoil in October 1997, the Indonesian rupiah has depreciated considerably. In addition to the economic downturn in Indonesia, recovery takes time, which indirectly encouraged some Indian domestic helpers who had worked in Singapore, Malaysia and the Middle East to go abroad again. Work and earn foreign exchange. Therefore, the employment center can provide better quality Indian domestic helpers with working experience in Chinese families for employers to choose.

4. Because Indian domestic helpers do not need to go to church on Sundays and there are not so many relatives and friends who need to gather, they are more flexible in terms of holiday arrangements, which are especially suitable for employers who need to shift or work on Sundays.

4、Service Guarantee

5、Service Process

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