How to prepare healthy and nutritious meals for the elderly at home (a must-see for Filipino and Indonesian helpers)

The knowledge of preparing meals for the elderly

What should the elderly pay attention to? Nutritional problems in the elderly are often accompanied by many physical diseases, such as high blood pressure and high blood sugar. In order to let the elders in the employer's family have a healthy and happy old age, Filipino maids and Indonesian helpers also need to know what to pay attention to when helping them prepare nutritious meals.


Why do seniors have so many nutritional problems?

1. The metabolism of the human body deteriorates and the nutrient intake is insufficient

2. Tooth decay leads to poor appetite

3. Decreased saliva secretion and dull taste nerves


Sunlight Tips (Principles of Meal Preparation for the Elderly)

1. Pay attention to calorie intake and maintain a stable weight

You can take small, frequent meals, choose foods with high nutrition, and add some snacks if necessary to maintain the weight and nutrient intake of the elderly.


2. The elderly need balanced nutrition, and 6 types of food are necessary

The 6 major categories of food include: whole grains, vegetables, beans, fish, eggs, meat, dairy, fruits and oils. In diet design, try to take a balanced intake of each meal to ensure that you can take in all the nutrients your body needs.


3. Replace excessive seasoning with natural spices

Cooking is based on the principle of less salt, less oil, and less seasoning. Too much seasoning will cause the burden of blood pressure. You can use natural spices such as nine-storied tower, garlic, ginger, etc. to boost your appetite. In addition, it is also necessary to avoid the use of saturated fats such as fatty meat or animal oil to avoid increasing the burden on the cardiovascular system.


4. Provide a variety of nutritious meals for the elderly

Cooking methods should reduce the proportion of frying and frying, but do not only use boiled and fried methods. Too monotonous cooking will also affect the elderly’s willingness to eat. Add steaming, boiling, stewing, stewing, cold salad and other methods to enrich the meal. changes, so that the elderly can also enjoy delicious food.


5. Foods with a soft texture should be used

For the elderly with missing teeth and decreased swallowing ability, it is necessary to choose soft foods, such as melons, tender leaves, potatoes, etc., or increase the cooking time to make the ingredients softer. Vegetables and fruits can also be made into Vegetable juice, more convenient for the elderly to eat.


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