Elderly Care Services

Elderly Care Services

With one of the world's fastest-growing ageing populations, Hong Kong's need for elderly care services is increasingly pressing. Many Hong Kongers, busy with day jobs, worry about elderly family members left alone at home or needing help with daily care. Sunlight Employment Agency's professionally trained foreign domestic workers share the burden of household duties, providing comprehensive care, nursing assistance, support, and companionship to the elderly.


Services introduction

Overseas maids service charge
Overseas indonesian maidOverseas Filipino maid
$11,980 UP$11,980 UP#

Advantages of the Services

Sunlight Employment Agency always prioritises customers’ needs, specialising in finding the ideal maid for each client and providing thoughtful care for you and your family. We excel beyond traditional employment centres, beginning with careful selection and offering on-the-job training programs. With diversified overseas and local training courses provided by experienced instructors, we have invested heavily in training domestic helpers over the years. We focus on equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to care for the elderly and other nursing techniques, ensuring the quality of each domestic helper.

Sunlight Employment Agency

Traditional Employment Centres

Selection Process

Professional recruitment team conducts extensive recruitment, 360° preliminary interviews and applies 80 professional assessment standards for rigorous screening and selection.

Recruitment, interviews, assessment, and selection of domestic helpers.

Number of Domestic Helpers Available

Over a thousand domestic helpers are available on our website for your selection.

Limited choice with less than 300 people for selection.

On-the-job Training Courses for Domestic Helpers

Diverse on-the-job training courses to equip domestic helpers with comprehensive skills.


Elderly Care Course:

Taught by professional registered nurses, these high-quality elderly home care courses equip maids with knowledge and skills for elderly care.


Newborn Care Training Course:

Taught and demonstrated by experienced registered nurses, detailed theory and practical components of the course provide professional training to ensure the domestic helpers are qualified to meet employers' needs.


Cantonese Training Classes:

Suitable for Indonesian and Filipino maids who do not speak Cantonese or have limited Cantonese skills, the course enhances their ability to communicate and address concerns in elderly care.

Most traditional employment centres do not provide on-the-job training courses for domestic helpers.


Elderly Care Service Details

Sunlight Employment Agency's Indonesian and Filipino maids, who are experienced in elderly care and trained by our professional team, can perform a vital role in daily elderly care. Our domestic helpers provide various aspects of care and support for the elderly, giving employers peace of mind.


Personal Care

Domestic helpers assist the elderly with daily activities, such as bathing, grooming, and toileting, ensuring their personal hygiene, and helping them move around if needed.


Medication Reminders

Many elderly require timely medication, and domestic helpers can manage medications, remind the elderly to take them, organise pillboxes, and ensure prescription refills.


Meal Preparation and Eating Assistance

Domestic helpers can prepare nutritious meals based on the elderly's needs and preferences and offer eating assistance according to their physical or cognitive conditions.


Household Work

Domestic helpers handle essential household tasks, regularly cleaning and organising living spaces to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for the elderly.



The elderly often feel lonely when family members are not around. Domestic helpers provide their much-needed companionship, engaging in conversations, walks, and leisure activities with them.


Transportation and Errands

In addition to handling errands like shopping and picking up prescriptions, domestic helpers with driving licences can provide daily transportation for the elderly.


Health and Safety Monitoring

Domestic helpers, being constantly around the elderly, are more aware of their health conditions and can report any physical or psychological changes to employers and medical professionals.


Communication Coordination

Moreover, domestic helpers act as a contact point between the elderly and employers, facilitating communication. They also help coordinate appointments and handle necessary paperwork and bills.


Additional Services

In addition to elderly care services, Sunlight Employment Agency also offers other types of services:


Indonesian and Filipino Domestic Helper Recruitment Service

Sunlight Employment Agency provides professional domestic helper recruitment services. We 

collaborate with large training centers and have a dedicated team that conducts interviews with 

domestic helpers to ensure the hiring of high-quality Indonesian and Filipino domestic helpers. 

For more details, you can click here to learn more.

Domestic Driver Recruitment Service

We assist in hiring Filipino drivers to manage various household tasks and transport family members. They also maintain, service, clean, and polish vehicles. For more details, click here to learn more.


Newborn and Childcare Service

Sunlight Employment Agency provides professional newborn and childcare services, allowing 

mothers to have sufficient rest while ensuring the healthy and happy growth of their babies. For more

 details, you can click here to learn more.

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