Strategy for feeding infant meals

Infant development and diet

Naturally developed masticatory ability in children, solid food containing solid foods that must be removed. For this reason, the diet is rare to thick solid food, 6 to 9 months can start eating rice paste, rare porridge. After 10 months, you can start eating steamed rice, and you can try eating white rice after one year old.


It is possible to increase the ability to swallow properly, and the circulation is gradually increased. Granules: a healthy adult food that can be eaten as soon as possible.


Penetrating food training baby hand eye coordination

Select pumpkins, red leeks and other sweets, some melons such as green cucumbers, and other fruits with different tastes and flavors, so that you can eat a variety of foods. One-year-old jewelery not available spoon, can be selected for other children's hand-made snacks.


Staple food after 1 year old

After the age of 1, the treasured side dish changed into a staple food, and the rule of thumb is to eat early in the evening, or you can work on it while dining at home. At this time, the baby's eating time is the same as the mother's, because it is mainly for adult food. All available fixed-position meals, three-course set meals, quantitative, devotion time, full amount and more than natural food.


Sunlight Tips - Food Preparation

Quick dinner: "Fish tuna fish soup + beef soup", "Incense soup soup" and "Vegetable salad soup"

Lunch: "Pear and shrimp fried rice", "Ban eggplant meat sauce rice" and "Laver salmon fish small maruko"

Late Afternoon Tea: ``Fragrance cakes'', ``Hundred Xiangguo Youge Sala'' and ``Spice yoke thousand-layer cakes''

Dinner: “Eggplant Soup Rihada Meat Sauce Shellfish Noodles”, “Tiger Tiger Rice” and “Denyuanban Eggplant Noodles”


Sunlight Tips - Food Processing Method


1.Pumpkin cut into 2.5cm large and small squares, average heat reception

2. Add 3cm to 5cm Shimizu

3. Medium heat steaming



1. Pre-prepared liquid body ingredients (beef, herbs and spices)

2. Hot water boiling

3.Boil for 5 minutes



1. Add unnecessary water

2. Rapid frying

3. Boil for 30 seconds


Shitago pear

1. Unnecessary cutting and running leaf part

2.Releasing bamboo shoots Minnaka offshore washing

3. Dried towels


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