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Sunlight Employment agency is the No.1 largest employment center in Hong Kong, with more than 20 years of employment agency experience.
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      In Hong Kong, it is very common to hire foreign domestic helpers to take care of and manage their homes. As the largest maid employment agency in Hong Kong, Sunlight Employment agency is committed to helping you hire the right domestic helper to bring happiness to your home. With more than 20 years of employment agency experience, we specialize in handling application procedures, employment insurance and self-examination of local and overseas Indian maids, Filipino maids, maids who finished contract, renewal foreign maids, and designated foreign maids. To facilitate the busy Hong Kong people, we also provide an online domestic helper selection service. Employers can view profiles of available foreign domestic helpers online, complete with all the necessary information and video to help them choose a domestic helper suited to their family’s needs.

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      Frequent Asked Question
      Why Indonesian helper is more expensive than Philippine helper?
      The main reason why the fees for Indonesian domestic helpers are higher than for Philippine helpers is that the Indonesian government has launched a new policy to transfer part of the cost of exported labor to employers. Therefore, employers need to pay additional fees for passports for Indonesian helpers, i.e., Police Criminal Record Certificate and Indonesian Social Security Contribution Fees. If you want to know more details about the charges for Indonesian and Philippine domestic helpers, you can click on Service Charges of Sunlight Employment Agency.
      Can my helper educate children about English language?
      Many of our Philippine domestic helpers have a college education or above and possess relatively strong English language abilities. Through daily interaction, they may be able to provide a degree of support for children’s English language learning. Sunlight Employment Agency's helper finder allows you to quickly filter out foreign domestic helpers who have experience in caring for children.
      If I would like to employ a helper to take care of elderly, should I choose Indonesian or Philippine helper?
      In addition to being attentive and considerate in caring for the elderly, language issues also need to be considered. Generally, Indonesian helpers have better Chinese language abilities, and many families find communication with them relatively easier, especially when it comes to the elderly. Employers can also look for domestic helpers with relevant experience in caring for the elderly, and even entrust the employment center to arrange a detailed interview if necessary. Sunlight Employment Agency's helper finder allows you to quickly filter out foreign domestic helpers with experience caring for the elderly.
      What is the difference for choosing local or oversea helpers?
      Currently, there are still many restrictions on epidemic prevention that you may need to consider when hiring overseas Philippine and Indonesian helpers. Therefore, if an employer urgently needs to hire a domestic helper, he or she can choose to complete the contract with a ready-available helper locally, which requires less cost and time. Local helpers are also more familiar with the environment in Hong Kong and have a short break-in period. For more details on the charges for Indonesian and Philippine helpers, including the price comparison between ready-available and overseas designated helpers, you can click the Service Charges of the Sunlight Employment Agency.
      What are the pros and cons of both Indonesian and Philippine helpers?
      Due to the high level of education of Philippine helpers, they have high adaptability skills and are fairly independent. However, those who have worked in Hong Kong for a period of time may be more prone to changing jobs. Indonesian domestic helpers tend to have a lower education level and employers may need to spend more time on training and guidance. If you hire an Indonesian helper with work experience in Taiwan or Singapore, the break-in period will be significantly shorter. Sunlight Employment Agency’s helper finder allows you to quickly find helpers with overseas work experience.
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