Heartwarming moments, the story of Mrs. Chen and helper Leslie

Reason for hiring a helper

A few years ago, Mrs. Chen and Mrs. Chen had a pregnancy plan after they got married. However, since Mrs. Chen had to go out to work all the time . Mrs. Chen was also easy to be exhausted due to pregnancy, so she planned to ask a helper to help with the housework.


So by chance, She got to know Sunlight Employment Agency through the recommendation of a friend, and finally successfully matched with Leslie, a Filipino helper.


When she first arrived, Leslie explained to Mrs. Chen that she had experience in taking care of mothers and newborn babies, and also comforted Mrs. Chen not to worry about household chores and concentrate on raising the baby. Since it is the first child, in addition to the emotional instability and physical discomfort caused by hormones, Mrs. Chen is very worried and anxious that she will have an accident during the pregnancy. After being comforted by Leslie, who has experience in caring for a newborn baby, she feels more at ease and finally gave birth smoothly. next daughter.


Family status:

Mrs. Chen currently has a daughter in the family, and Chen has to go out to work all the time. The foreign domestic helper has been serving the land for more than two years, and the contract has been successfully renewed recently.


Can you share the next thing that bothers you the most?

Mrs. Chen: "The most heart-wrenching thing for me is that during my pregnancy, my mood will fluctuate easily, but Leslie will explain it to be normal, and comfort me that I can talk to her if I feel uncomfortable. When I was just pregnant, I often felt nauseated and bored, and my appetite And it's bad, it all depends on Leslie's installation: "I eat a few mums, and BB eats it." So she insisted on a healthy diet no matter how hard she was following her perseverance. "


What would you like to say to Leslie?

Mrs. Chen: "I would like to thank Leslie for her hard work in our family over the past few years. I will always treat her as a family to get along with."


What do you think is the most important thing about getting along with helper?

Mrs. Chen: "I think communication and empathy are the top priorities. Because it is not easy for Leslie to leave her hometown to work in Hong Kong, she has to constantly adapt to the culture and working environment of Hong Kong, as well as the pace of life here. With this At the same time, she also needs to comfort me not to be too nervous and worried. In fact, she is just a newcomer who has just arrived in Hong Kong. After I gave birth to my daughter successfully, Leslie and our whole family got along very well. Treating her like family, Leslie is also very effective in this environment.”


Sunlight Employment Agency appeals to you that the quality of employment relationship is often determined by the way of communication. As long as both parties are willing to communicate and reach a consensus, the difficulties will be easily resolved.

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