How to choose a Employment Agency

Many friends say that hiring foreign domestic helpers is like a gamble, and there is no inevitable success. In fact, there are more than a hundred employment companies that assist in recruiting foreign domestic helpers. How to choose a professional and satisfactory employment company? Generally speaking, employment companies in Hong Kong can be divided into two types: small-scale, "small shops" with only one or two branches, and "big shops" with chain operations. These two types of employment companies are good at winning games. The following We will analyze their pros and cons.

Detailed: flexible but not comprehensive

The scale is small, with only one or two branches. The company’s system is relatively loose, with flexible procedures and fees to attract customers, and the contract terms are relatively flexible. The requirements of customers can be described as "Huang Daxian": responsive to requests ; In order to strengthen competitiveness, "Xing Xing" may attract customers with super-flat prices or "extra short" application time. In terms of "satisfying" customers, "Xing Xing" seems to be more considerate.

Of course, the most criticized thing for "being careful" is the issue of confidence. The quality of the "career" varies. Their main staff may be the boss, and their human resources are very limited. Therefore, the scope of services will be relatively narrow and they cannot provide comprehensive services, such as follow-up and translation services for maids after they arrive in Hong Kong. As a result, in many cases when foreign domestic helpers have adaptation problems or poor job quality, they are often powerless to "work carefully". They often advise employers to re-apply for another foreign domestic helper. In this way, it is the employer who loses time.

In addition, many so-called "extra-short" application times are actually just tricks: in fact, the process of applying for foreign domestic helpers has to go through the approval of the consulate and the Immigration Department. The approval process is complicated and the time required varies. The employment company is more difficult to control. Therefore, the earlier promises to the guests may not be fulfilled, causing the guests to lose their budget.

Due to the lack of resources, "Xiaoxing" mostly can only select maids through overseas agency companies. Therefore, the quality of maids is variable and lacks guarantees, and the number of maids available for selection will be relatively small.

Big Bank: Rich in resources but low flexibility

Compared with the "Xiaoxing", which has a variety of quality, most of the "Dahang" with at least five or more branches have a long history, rich resources and experience, and have a good reputation. Because it is a group operation, "Daxing" has a strong agency network or training center overseas, so the number of foreign domestic helpers who provide choices is far more than that of "Xiaoxing". On the other hand, because the resources are far more abundant than the "detailed line", generally "big line" can provide more comprehensive after-sales service, such as foreign domestic helpers training in Hong Kong, follow-up services, etc., when the foreign domestic helper's performance is not as good as desired , You can also improve the quality of work through other methods, without the need to frequently change foreign domestic helpers.

However, because most of the "big business" have a long history, it is inevitable that there will be aging problems in the administrative system. The management of many time-honored brands in Hong Kong belong to entrepreneurial veterans. Under family management, the style is inevitably conservative. It is hard for you to imagine that many time-honored brands still use "passing paper" to convey their internal messages, right? On the other hand, the source of "time-honored brands" is endless, and they tend to be inactive when they entertain demanding customers, and it is even harder to match "Xing Xing" in terms of customer service standards.

Advantages of "Sunlight employment agency"

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Sunlight employment agency advantage

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