Foreign domestic driver recruitment service

Service introduction

1. Reasons for providing foreign domestic driver service

According to statistics from the Census and Statistics Department, the number of foreign domestic helpers who have to be approved by the Immigration Department for special driving has increased from 1,664 in 2006 to 1,787 last year, of which 1,442 were male foreign domestic helpers, while female foreign domestic helpers had the largest increase of 17%. Because when more and more employers hire foreign helpers, they hope that the foreign helper can also act as a family driver and handle the matters of taking children to school. Therefore, we offer Filipino driver hiring services especially for the needs of such employers.

2. Service content

The work of foreign domestic drivers is directly related to family activities. Foreign domestic drivers must not only provide driving services for their employers, they must also provide this service for family members and children. Their driving tasks include going to school, visiting the doctor, and driving to markets and shopping centres.

3. Foreign domestic driver qualification

Possess a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) visa
There are good reasons to prove that the driving task of the foreign domestic driver is related to any one of the five main domestic tasks stipulated in the visa regulations: housework, caring for the elderly in the family, caring for babies, cooking and caring for children
The accommodation of the foreign domestic driver must be the employer’s home
Foreign domestic drivers must have a valid Hong Kong driving license

4. Visa application process

The employer must provide the foreign domestic driver's valid driver's license, vehicle registration file, and vehicle insurance (including the driver's insurance)
A letter of proof and the completed ID934A application form
Application processing time takes 12-15 weeks

The benefits of hiring a driver

The hired Filipino driver will serve you full-time and live with you. In most cases, it will be much cheaper to hire a Filipino driver than a local driver in Hong Kong. He also needs to help you with various housework; the Filipino driver can also perform maintenance, regular maintenance, cleaning and wiping of the car.

Our Background

The Sunlight Employment Agency was established in 1996. It has a long history and is one of the largest helper centers in Asia. We work closely with medical institutions to provide training courses, and all helpers (labor) are strictly selected. In addition, we have set up our own training center in North Point, Hong Kong to continuously improve the capabilities of helpers and provide comprehensive after-sales follow-up services, so that employers can feel more at ease in hiring helpers. With the experience and professional knowledge accumulated over the past 20 years, we not only provide the most suitable maid service for nearly 200,000 families, but also combine long-term professional experience and intelligence to form an effective standardized management model.

If you have any questions about hiring a Filipino driver, please contact our help center.

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