Overseas / local caregiver services


1、 Service Introduction
Overseas nurses are professional nurses who apply for a visa for foreign domestic helpers (the contract lasts for two years).
Overseas nurses will provide one-to-one services in the form of home.
It is mainly responsible for taking care of patients, elderly, injured and healthy people, people with mobility difficulties and long-term bedridden needs.
Prepare daily diet and medication for patients.
2、 Service content
Food, shower, film change, holding, rehabilitation training, drug management and emergency treatment.
3、 Overseas nurse qualification
·Have nursing qualification and relevant certificates.
·Have at least two years of care giver experience, especially in caring for the elderly.
·Philippine / Indonesian domestic helper certificate.
4、 Service process
1. Nursing staff matching and appointment interview
2. Select the required nursing staff and sign the nursing service agreement
3. After the nurses arrive in Hong Kong, they will provide four-day on-the-job training courses in Hong Kong free of charge
4. After sales care and continuous follow-up to ensure service quality
Pre service professional training for nurses
All training contents in Hong Kong are taught by registered nurses in Hong Kong
Enhance nurses' awareness of elderly care
It is expected to reduce the running in time of both parties and provide the best service
The employment of overseas nurses includes pre service training in Hong Kong, and there is no additional charge
Nurse home service
According to the actual nursing needs, local nurses can be provided for door-to-door service
Provide on-the-spot guidance and nursing consultation to solve your nursing problems
Guide your nursing staff to provide quality nursing services more effectively
For service charges, please call 2746 0711
Your protection
Nurses who fail to come to Hong Kong for any reason can enjoy free re-election
Within one year, during the contract period, you can enjoy preferential price to replace other services of the company
Money back guarantee: no charge for failure (subject to terms and conditions)
Our background
Established in 1996, sunshine maid center has a long history. It is one of the largest maid centers in Asia. It has branches in the nine new territories, offices and training centers in the Philippines and Indonesia. It also works closely with many large schools and medical institutions to provide training courses. All domestic workers (workers) are strictly selected. In addition, we have set up our own training center in North Point, Hong Kong, to continuously improve the ability of domestic helpers and provide perfect after-sales follow-up services, so that employers can be more reassured when hiring domestic helpers. With the experience and expertise accumulated over the past 20 years, we not only provide the most suitable maid services for nearly 200000 families, but also combine long-term professional experience and wisdom to form an effective standardized management model.

Overseas nurses

1、 Reasons for introducing overseas nurses
About 30% to 40% of the elderly aged over 65 living in Hong Kong fall at least once a year. In the past year, fracture accounted for 10% and soft tissue injury accounted for 32%. Because most of the 65 year old or older people have chronic diseases such as osteoporosis or diabetes and hypertension, while the head, chest and limbs are relatively vulnerable to fall. The risk of death after injury is twice as high as that of ordinary people. These situations are easy to happen to the elderly who live alone or stay at home during the day.
According to the statistics of the census and Statistics Department, in 2016, about 10% of the elderly living alone over the age of 60 in Hong Kong employed foreign domestic helpers, up three times from 2.5% in 1995. The proportion of retirees employed foreign domestic helpers also increased from 2.5% to 7.8% in the same period, while the proportion of families with elderly employed foreign domestic helpers increased from 8% to 9%.
In general, it should be no problem for foreign domestic helpers to bury housework and take care of the healthy elderly. However, for the elderly who are weak or need more comprehensive care, if the foreign domestic helpers do not have relevant professional knowledge or experience, they may feel difficult, and the employers may not be too relieved. Therefore, we have specially designed "overseas nurses" agency services for the needs of these elderly people.
2、 Service content
Overseas nurses provide assistance to people with temporary or chronic diseases and their families.
3、 Service characteristics of overseas nurses
1. Have nursing qualification and relevant certificates.
2. Have at least two years of care giver experience, especially in caring for the elderly.
3. He also has the Philippine / Indonesian domestic helper work certificate, but will not handle general domestic work other than employers.
4. Attend nursing staff training courses in Hong Kong after arriving in Hong Kong
4、 Overseas caregiver services include
·Postoperative nursing
·Blood glucose monitoring
·Personal hygiene and care, including feeding and bathing
·Simple wound care and replacement of hemostatic pad
·Measure and record vital signs
·Assist in getting up, moving and turning the bed
·Medical escort, accompany, provide basic nursing and first aid services
·Accompany patients and provide cordial care
#Overseas nurses and domestic helpers come to work in Hong Kong on a visa. Like foreign domestic helpers, they can only live and work at the employer's home and cannot go out to work
5、 Application fee

Overseas nurse service charge

Service fee (Filipino or Indonesian nurses)

Monthly salary of workers (depending on the working experience and qualifications of nursing staff and the complexity of patient care)
$14,980 up
$5,630 up

Costs include:
·Local housekeeping and language training fees
·Overseas and local self examination
·Contract confirmation fee of Indonesian / Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong
·Visa fee for first entry to Hong Kong
·One way ticket to Hong Kong
·Specially assigned person to pick up the plane to our company
·Meals for the first two days

·Assistant maid Hong Kong Identity Card
·Maid documents and exit fee
·Labour legislation consultation
·Free training courses for domestic helpers in Hong Kong
·Unlimited replacement of overseas or ready-made overseas at preferential prices within one year
Caregivers (subject to terms and conditions) · first year Hong Kong labour insurance
·Excluding Philippine insurance ($1220)
·Provide home care course services for the elderly after arrival in Hong Kong

Charging standard

1、 Monthly salary of overseas nurses in Indonesia and the Philippines:
Starting from HK $5630 (depending on the working experience and qualifications of nursing staff and the complexity of patient care)
As an employer, you will sign a standard employment contract with the nursing staff, and the salary will be paid directly to the nursing staff
2、 Agency fee:
·One time agency fee from HK $14980
·Local housekeeping and language training fees
·Self examination (overseas and Hong Kong)
·Contract confirmation fee of local consulate in Hong Kong
·Visa fee for first entry to Hong Kong
·Servant documents and exit fee
·One way ticket to Hong Kong and special pick-up
·Meals for the first two days

·First year Hong Kong labour insurance
·Labour legislation consultation
·Provide 4 professional elderly care training courses after arrival in Hong Kong free of charge
·Assistant maid Hong Kong Identity Card
·Unlimited replacement of overseas or ready-made overseas helpers at preferential prices within one year (subject to terms and conditions)
·*Excluding Philippine insurance ($1220)
3、 Temporary nursing staff
1. The nurses we provide are registered nurses, registered nurses, health workers and daily caregivers.
2. The number of nursing staff service hours allocated to meet your needs according to the needs of patients can be freely selected and flexibly used by you to better meet your needs.
3. Our nursing staff can be calculated in the form of hourly salary. For details, please contact our staff.
Welcome to telephone: 2746 0711

Advantages of overseas nurses

Basic nursing
·Basic nursing
Daily living care such as holding, falling prevention, feeding, medicine, shower, diaper change, simple stretching exercise, body position transfer and accompanying diagnosis.
Nursing staff rank
Personal care worker (PCW).
·Moderate care
In addition to covering the scope of basic care services, it can also provide services such as urinary and laryngeal care, oxygen therapy, wound care (wound washing), peritoneal dialysis (belly washing), insulin injection (diabetic injection), stoma care (changing stool bags), nasogastric tube feeding, etc.
Nursing staff rank
Health worker (HW)
·Occupational nursing
In addition to basic and moderate care services, it can also provide more professional services such as tracheostomy care, sputum extraction, blood extraction, intravenous injection and intramuscular injection.
Nursing staff rank
Enrolled / registered nurse (EN / RN)

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