Postpartum rehabilitation services

1、Introduction to postpartum rehabilitation services

Most contemporary urban women have a more open vision and fashionable concept of healthy life. They pay special attention to the quality of postpartum life and look forward to health and beauty. Sunshine maid's postpartum recovery highlights her advantages in the increasingly fierce market competition by virtue of "professional pregnancy care - mother and child service - postpartum recovery care one-stop service".
Sunshine maid always adheres to the concept of "healthy self-cultivation and being an exquisite mother", so that every mother can get meticulous care from body to mind, and let mothers meet the brilliance and brilliance of the future in a good state! Relying on high-quality product quality, new business philosophy and perfect service system, sunshine maid has been unanimously praised by tens of thousands of political and business celebrities.

2、A woman's second life

Women have three opportunities in their life to adjust their body shape, that is, menarche, postpartum and menopause, and the more important is postpartum. According to the survey, female hormones such as hormones in women's bodies can increase the life span of women who have experienced the process of childbirth by 10 years.
During this period, women's body is like an open door, which can expel the long-term accumulation of excess water and toxins (which is also the main reason for postpartum obesity), and then the correct supplement can make the body healthier and effectively improve their physical condition. However, if you don't take good care of yourself during this period, it will leave hidden dangers for your body.
Therefore, this period of time is also known as a woman's second life. The golden period of postpartum recovery is 42 days to 6 months postpartum. At this time, pay attention to conditioning, and the body can easily return to the prenatal state.

3、Recommended items

Postpartum items: Traditional Chinese medicine painless breast dredging, burning and urging therapy for breast stimulation, emotional breast stimulation, head therapy, pelvic bone repair, rectus abdominis repair, pelvic low muscle repair, hundred day physical adjustment.
Health conditioning: shoulder and neck physiotherapy, back dredging, local lymphatic detoxification, local slimming and shaping, triple energizer physiotherapy, twelve meridians, uterine maintenance, Qi and blood conditioning, spleen and stomach conditioning.

4、Service highlights

High qualification: all personnel work with certificates.
High safety: products, instruments and techniques have been strictly certified and tested.
Professional team: strong support from professional mother and child care teams such as gynecologists and obstetricians, traditional Chinese medicine, child care doctors, senior nursing experts and nutritionists.
More efficient: one-to-one exclusive service for professional instruments and professionals.
More effective: only set up targeted projects, screen the products with the best effect and the most efficient equipment.
Standardization: standardization of methods, operations, services and charges, no promotion.

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