Maid renewal

Service contents and charges of maid renewal

If your helper is about to expire and you want to renew your employment contract with her for another two years, you should go through the renewal formalities. Note: before renewing the contract, please check whether the maid's Hong Kong visa is about to expire; It is suggested that the employer should go through the renewal formalities one month before the expiry of the visa to avoid paying additional fees for the extension of the visa due to the expiry of the maid's visa. (for details, please refer to the rules and conditions of the company's "application for maid contract".)

Maid renewal service charge
Indonesian maid renewal (Existing employer)Filipino maid renewal (Existing employer)
$2,498 up*#$1,900 up^#
Indonesian maid renewal (Change employer)Filipino maid renewal  (Change employer)
$3,900 up#$3,900 up^ #

Costs include:

·Visa fee for first entry to Hong Kong
·Contract confirmation fee of Indonesian / Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong
·Free training courses for domestic helpers in Hong Kong
·Hong Kong self examination (only for Indonesian domestic helpers (original employers))*
·Excluding Philippine OWWA membership fee ($196)^


  1. If the renewal (re employer) maid fails to complete the two-year contract due to immigration, personal or financial problems of her former employer, the handling fee shall be added by $1000;Or if visa expires<1 month, Need extra renewal fees $ 500.

  2. Exclusive fees $3,000 will be charged for driver. 

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