Designated overseas maid

Service content and charge of designated maid

Sunlight Employment Agency is considerate of the needs of each customer. If the employer wants to hire a designated maid to work in Hong Kong, sunlight can serve you. Sunlight Employment Agency can carefully arrange all the procedures from contacting the maid to applying for the maid to arrive in Hong Kong, so that the maid can arrive in Hong Kong within the specified time. In addition,Sunlight Employment Agency also provides comprehensive after-sales support services. During the contract period, customers can apply for the maid's Retraining Course in Hong Kong free of charge, so as to make the employer more satisfied with the employment of the maid. (Note: designated maids refer to maids who are familiar to the employer and want to directly apply for workers to work in Hong Kong from Philippines or Indonesia.)

Designated overseas maid service charge
Designated overseas Indonesian maidDesignated overseas Filipino maid

Costs include:

·Overseas self examination
·Contract confirmation fee of Indonesian / Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong
·Visa fee for first entry to Hong Kong
·Maid documents and exit fee
·One way ticket to Hong Kong
·Meals for the first two days

·Specially assigned person to pick up the plane to our company
·Assistant maid Hong Kong Identity Card
·Including Philippine insurance ($1220)#

  1. The above fees excluded the Indonesian helper must enter the Indonesian training center and local fees payable by themselve*

  2. Exclusive fees $3,000 will be charged for driver. 

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