"Don't flaunt your wealth" How to Avoid Employment Conflict Caused by Money

Social events and role shaping

Since the development of the Internet, it has become easier for Hong Kong citizens to get to know helpers. For example, citizens can see relevant news or reports on social media or search engines to learn about individual events. However, in order to pursue readers or audiences, some newspapers or media may tend to report negatively and set up headlines with stereotypes, which makes many citizens' impression of Filipino maids and Indonesian maids become worsen.


One of the recent reports about an employer complaining that a helper stole tens of thousands of yuan in cash has made Hong Kong employers sensitive to the topic. In fact, employers do not need to worry too much as long as they recruit helpers through professional and licensed intermediary companies. Because the agency of the project will have a strict screening process to ensure the professionalism and integrity of the maid. Immediately suspect the foreign domestic helper if the loss of cash or property is found. In the end, it is likely to be a misunderstanding, but the relationship between the employer and the employer will break down, and the gain will outweigh the loss.

In the event of loss of money or property, do not do the following to avoid damaging the employment relationship:

  • Preconceived and blamed the maid without evidence.

  • Call the police immediately and ask the police to investigate the maid.

  • When investigating the incident, use the mobile phone to record the whole process of the helper.

  • Upload the event as a log to a discussion board or social media.


Sunlight Tips (Financial Management)

  • Don't keep a lot of cash at home, and keep it in a safe even if you want to store it.

  • Keep valuables with you as much as possible, and do not put them in the living room or in a conspicuous place. Store in a safe when needed.

  • If the master room needs to be heavily cleaned, it is best to do it when the employer and the foreign domestic helper are present at the same time. If your employer is out, lock the door.

  • Notify Filipino maids and Indonesian maids that surveillance systems will be installed in their homes.

  • If you are not sure what to do, contact your employment agency. Professional employment agencies will neutrally and objectively understand things from a third-party perspective, and then make mediations.


The Sunlight Employment Agency hopes that the above latest information will help employers understand how to avoid employment conflicts over money.

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