How to get along with foreign domestic helpers

The living habits of maids are different from ours, and their religious and cultural backgrounds are different. It is easy to misunderstand and break the relationship between the employer and the employer. Therefore, for maids who are new to Hong Kong, employers need more patience to coordinate with the maids to "comparate their hearts to themselves", respect each other, and help everyone get along harmoniously and happily!

How to get along with foreign domestic helpers

Give an adaptation period

As the so-called "customs everywhere in the country", because the maids have different living habits and cultural backgrounds from ours, it is not easy to ask the maids to adapt to the new environment immediately! Therefore, it is best for employers to give the maids a 3-4 months adaptation period, so that the maids can learn step by step and gradually meet your requirements.

Basic treatment

Employers only need to give the maids sufficient basic treatment to get the maids to work and follow your advice:

     Three meals are enough, don’t care

     Get enough sleep to wake up

     Like first and then teach, help

Example: After a maid cooks a meal, she will let the employer eat first, and will not take the initiative to prepare the meal. Employers can take the initiative to serve food to the maid, so that the maid feels respected, instead of eating the leftover food of the employer, so that the maid will have a sense of belonging!

Prescribed work guidelines

Employers can prepare work schedules for maids according to personal habits, list the maids’ work items and requirements, and explain them in detail once when the maids are at work, so that the maids can clearly understand their work and reduce work mistakes. The maid has clear guidelines, understands your requirements, and works more easily.

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