Attentions when entrusting a helper to supervise children

Social media and the worsening of conflict

Since the development of the Internet and the popularity of social media, many employment conflicts that can be resolved privately have been infinitely magnified. For example, the employer may film the whole process and publish it on social media; the maid will also complain to her fellow villagers on social media.

For example, an employer posted on the Facebook group that the her children scalded by the helper when they were taking a shower. The employer felt that the scar was more like a furnace at home.

As soon as the post came out, a large number of netizens encouraged the victim to call the police immediately. In fact, in the first place, the employer and the maid should carefully understand the ins and outs of the incident. If necessary, the surveillance video at home can be mobilized to understand the truth. If you find that the matter is more complicated, you should first seek help from the employment center for neutral advice. Netizens are only third-party observers in matters. They did not know the context of matters, and they may have their own positions on matters and lose objectivity. Employers should not make any decisions based on their suggestions.

Understanding Regulatory Responsibilities from Case Studies

Jenny has been working in Hong Kong for six years. Today is Sunday holiday. She accompanies her employer, Mrs. Chen and her child Alex, to the mall. Since the gathering restrictions have been relaxed, they went to a Korean restaurant in Mong Kok to eat Korean BBQ, and then went to a nearby shopping mall.

Mrs. Chen: "Jenny, I'm going to the toilet, you help me take care of Alex."

Jenny: "OK"

There is a toy store not far from the toilet, and after Alex's hard work, Jenny agreed to let Alex go to the toy store to play within his line of sight.

Since Jenny had been waiting for Mrs. Chen for five minutes, she looked at her phone to pass the time. Suddenly, there was a loud noise. It turned out that Alex accidentally knocked down the toy, and was injured in the head by the falling toy.

As soon as Mrs. Chen came out of the toilet, she found a red scar on Alex's forehead, so she hoped Jenny could explain it clearly.

-The above information is based on real events.

Sunlight Tips

  1. When a helper is entrusted with child care, there is a legal responsibility to take care of the child appropriately*.

  2. When recruiting helpers, employers must personally select and interview them to select the most suitable helper for their family situation, such as those who specialize in caring for children or have relevant experience.

  3. Generally, the management office of the shopping mall will provide video footage of surveillance cameras at the reasonable request of the guests, so that the guests can understand the ins and outs of the incident. Do not blame and abuse the helper immediately after the incident.

 *According to the "Offences against the Person Ordinance", it is an offence for any person over 16 years of age to intentionally attack, abuse and neglect a child or a young person under the age, causing unnecessary suffering or health damage to the child. punishable by 10 years in prison.

When an employer entrusts a helper to supervise a child, he/she should give detailed instructions and should not give vague and abstract concepts.

Detailed instruction reference

  • "Please do not leave children at home alone under any circumstances when I am away from home for work, and keep doors and windows locked."

  • "I'm going home to pick up something. During this time, you and my child will go to a nearby cafe to rest and wait for me. If he need to go to the toilet, you must accompany with him."

  • "It's raining heavily today, please be sure to bring rain gear for my children. If it's too rainy, take shelter in a nearby shopping mall."

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