How to manage your helper to use mobile phone

During the anti-epidemic period, Filipino and Indonesian helpers will stay at home most of the time due to the government's restrictions on gatherings and dine-in bans. Rest days are no exception, as employers will ask FDHs to stay at home to reduce the chance of contracting diseases when they go out.


At this time, mobile phones may be the main medium for foreign domestic helpers to get spiritual comfort and kill time. In fact, helpers leave their hometown to work in Hong Kong, and they often use mobile phones for the following reasons:

 Why Helpers need mobile phone?

  • To communicate with relatives and friends to address emotional needs

  • To play mobile games to kill time

  • To get the latest government news and hometown news

  • To learn more about how to cook dishes 

  • To distribute life experiences and life diaries on social platforms


In many cases, when employers find that helpers using mobile phones, they will immediately stop and scold them. After being scolded, the maid will be emotionally affected and unwilling, which will affect the employment relationship.


In fact, the biggest problem between the two parties is likely to be based on communication. Just follow the following tips from the Sunlight Employment Agency to resolve the conflict between the two parties:


Tips from Sunlight Employment Agency : 

  • Avoid blocking and scolding the maid immediately. You should understand the reason for the maid's use of the mobile phone and persuade them afterwards.

  • Set up a code of practice and put it in a prominent position to ensure that the maid is willing to comply with all reasonable rules in the code

  • Remind helpers that they can use mobile phones during breaks or during meals, and that they should not use mobile phones during the rest of the working hours if they are not at work or if they are urgently needed

  • Provide helpers with mobile phones for work use only. If helpers want to install any application on the mobile phone, they should first obtain the approval of the employer

  • Let the helper understand that the mobile phone provided by the employer is only for work purposes. If the helper has a mobile phone, rules should be established to keep the mobile phone in a safe place during working hours

Sunlight Employment Agency hopes that the above information will help employers to better understand how to manage maids' use of mobile phones and reduce conflicts between the two parties.

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