A complete guide of hand care for helpers (a must-see for Filipino and Indonesian helpers)

The correlation between daily work of foreign domestic helpers and dry hands

Filipino maids and Indonesian helpers have been dealing with houseworks for many years, and their hands are often affected by cleansers, resulting in dry hands. For example, using hot water and cleaning dishes, taking a warm bath for a baby, or mopping the floor with chemical cleaners, etc.


In addition, the weather in Hong Kong is getting warmer and colder. When the cold winter is coming, the weather is getting colder and the water will be lost from the hands.


Causes of dry hands

  1. Environmental factors: Climates with low humidity can take away moisture from the skin.

  2. Washing hands and disinfecting hand sanitizer: While washing hands and disinfecting is important, if you wash your hands too frequently, it will take away the natural oils and moisture on the skin.

  3. Cleaning supplies: Excessive use of detergents without gloves will dry out already dry hands.

  4. Lack of water: If you don't drink enough water or don't get enough sleep, you won't be able to keep your skin hydrated as usual.Smoking: This habit reduces skin moisture and causes dry hands.

  5. Stress: In the face of stress, there will be sweating, which may dry out the skin. Nails can become brittle or even fall off.

  6. Age: The older you are, the easier it is for the skin on your hands to dry out. This is a natural phenomenon due to skin thinning over time.



How to take care of your hands

  1. After washing hands and dishes, or every few hours, apply a layer of hand cream.

  2. Avoid washing hands with too hot water, use lukewarm water (below 40 degrees) instead. Hot water can over-wash your hands, making your skin lose its protective barrier and become dry.

  3. Wear gloves before using chemical cleaners.

  4. Regularly file the nails to restore moisture and prevent damage to the nails and cuticles. It is recommended to massage in bed with mild nail polish several times a week.

  5. When using the moisturizing cream, wrap the whole hand with a hot towel, apply it for 10 minutes and wipe it off. At this time, the hands can feel soft and smooth immediately.


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