Preparation of maternal home care environment and articles

               1. Room environment

The living environment of newborns requires cleanliness, sufficient sunlight and good air circulation; the indoor temperature is maintained at 22℃~24℃, and the humidity is 55%-65%.

In summer, the temperature is high, the air conditioner should be adjusted to 26℃~28℃, or the temperature difference between inside and outside should be within 5℃; it is best not to open the air conditioner at night. Keep indoor ventilation in winter, but don't let the wind blow directly on the mother and baby. In winter, the room temperature is kept at about 20℃. When the indoor temperature is not enough, a hot water bottle can be used for newborns. The temperature of the hot water bottle is 50℃~60℃, and it should be placed outside the coating. Do not directly touch the baby's skin to avoid scalding.

2. Items that should be prepared

1. Maternal and baby products

(1) Maternity clothing: 2 sets of loose and easy-to-wear pajamas, 2-3 breastfeeding bras or vests (zippered for breastfeeding), 2 pairs of short cotton socks, 1 pair of slippers, 3-4 pieces of underwear .

(2) Baby clothes: Baby clothes should be loose and soft, preferably white or light-colored cotton cloth, lace-up style. The principle of choosing baby clothes is: it is conducive to the baby's physical development and movement stretch, comfortable and decent, you can choose the one-piece suit, the style is simple, easy to put on and take off, and easy to wash.

(3) Wet wipes: Choose ones that do not contain irritating substances, have good flexibility, and are not easy to break.

(4) Diapers: soft, absorbent, and washable cotton products should be used, washed in time, and dried in the sun for later use. Infants are prone to red buttocks and diaper rash, so they should change their diapers in time.

(5) Diapers: Regular brands should be selected. Inferior diapers can easily cause skin diseases in babies.

(6) Milk bottles: You also need to buy regular brands, glass ones are better than plastic ones. Inferior plastic baby bottles may contain harmful substances. Smaller bottles can be used in the first month. As the baby's milk volume increases, larger bottles need to be replaced.

(7) Breast pump.

(8) Dedicated sterilization pot.

(9) Milk powder.

(10) Disinfectant: prepare two kinds of clothes disinfection and milk bottle disinfection.

(11) Milk warmer.

(12) Breast pads: It is best to prepare large boxes.

(13) Laundry soap: It is best to use baby-specific soap, which has good stain removal effect and low irritation.

14) Emollient oil.

(15) Urine pad.

(16) Mosquito repellent.

2. Other supplies

(1) Several towels.

(2) Washbasin.

(3) Dental appliances.

(4) Large rolls of toilet paper.

(5) 1 set of tableware and 1 small box for snacks.

(6) Pen, paper, and communication equipment.            

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