How to grasp the character of the fetus

               We know that the personality of a person is gradually formed in the course of his social practice. However, the psychological experience of the "beginning of a person" laid the foundation for the formation of the character in the future.


The mother's womb is the first environment of the fetus, and the feelings of the small life in this environment will directly affect the formation and development of the fetus's character. If the atmosphere is full of harmony, warmth, and love, then the fetus’s young mind will be assimilated and realize that the world waiting for oneself is beautiful, and then gradually form the basis for loving life, decisive, confident, lively and outgoing, and vice versa. If the life of the husband and wife is not harmonious, unsatisfactory, or even full of hostility and resentment, or if the mother does not welcome the child and is psychologically repulsive and bored, then the fetus will painfully experience the atmosphere of indifference and hatred around him. It forms the basis of loneliness, inferiority, suspiciousness, cowardice, and introversion. Obviously, this will have an adverse effect on the future of the fetus.


Therefore, future parents should grasp this characteristic and consider the happiness of their children throughout their lives. From now on, they will try their best to create a warm, loving, and beautiful environment for the little life in the abdomen, so that the fetus will have a healthy life. The beautiful spiritual world gives a good start to the formation of a good character.            

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