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Professional Confinement Nanny Service
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- Follow-up with professionals
- Free second batch of nannies for review
- 3 Interviews
- Drafting and administrating service agreement
- Free replacement during probation period
Wide Professional Network
- Over 600 professionals with experience
- Trained and assessed before on-boarding
- Care for mothers and infants to help with postpartum care, etc...
Service Scope
- Prepare for supplies: Assist in the preparation of baby products, hospital supplies, etc. through prenatal visits
- Infant care: feeding, sweeping, changing diapers, bathing, umbilical cord care, cleaning and disinfection of baby products
- Maternal care: according to the mother's body and needs, and arrange the appropriate diet plan
- To alleviate postpartum blues, teach and help with breastfeeding etc...
Importance of confinement service
- Postpartum mothers experience great physical and mental changes. The purpose of confinement service is to help mothers adapt to their new identity. During the confinement period, as long as the mother has proper conditioning and rest, the physical condition of the postpartum mother can be even better than before.
- Confinement caregivers who provide confinement services for postpartum mothers are not only helpers to mothers, but can also help alleviate their physical and mental problems. significantly improved. Professional confinement attendants take into account all aspects of childcare, personal care of mothers, nutritional supplements and prevention of postpartum depression, so that postpartum mothers can get adequate rest. In the confinement service, the confinement attendant will also teach the mother how to take care of the BB, such as the correct method of breastfeeding, cleaning the mouth, cleaning the navel, etc. The confinement attendant will explain to the mother one by one.
- During the confinement period, postpartum mothers should not only have enough rest, but also take care of their BBs. This is not an easy task. Therefore, confinement service is definitely a savior for mothers.
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