A complete guide to mold removal at home in wet days (Helper must see!)

Geography and Climate Structure of Hong Kong

Stepping into wet season, the walls, floors and walls of the home are very easy to "water out". The humidity in Hong Kong is 80-95%. Why is it easy to encounter "returning to the south sky" in spring and summer? When the building is affected by cold air in the early stage, and then affected by the strong warm and humid air flow, the weather quickly turns warm and humid, and the air humidity will rise rapidly. At this time, the temperature of the indoor floors, walls, mirrors and other objects has not risen yet. When the warm and humid air is cold, it condenses into water droplets, and the phenomenon of returning to the south occurs.


Hong Kong is located in the coastal area, and the climate is humid and warm, which is very suitable for mold growth. Many Hong Kong people wait until the humidity in the house is heavy before starting to use a dehumidifier, which seems to be a temporary solution. In fact, it is not difficult to build a home that is free from damp and musty smells. The key is how to use the right tools at the right time to help yourself.



Sunlight Tips (Prevention)

  1. Close the windows and doors to turn on the dehumidifier and air conditioner on rainy days, and open the windows for ventilation on sunny days.

  2. Do not accumulate clutter in your home and keep the air well ventilated.

  3. Change the shower door to a shower curtain, and pull the shower curtain open to dry after taking a shower.

  4. Mildew spots on the bathroom floor usually need to have the habit of brushing (rags, fans and brushes are all good).

  5. Sweat or wet clothes should be placed in a ventilated place before changing or washing, otherwise it is easy to mold.



Sunlight Tips (Practice)

  1. Keep baking soda, charcoal, and newspaper in the cupboard to help absorb moisture.

  2. What should I do if my clothes get moldy? First wipe the moldy part with a paper towel dampened with water, and then dry it with the "cold air" of the hair dryer.

  3. Use a coarser rag or brush with soda water and rub vigorously over the moldy areas.

  4. Mix with a little vinegar and detergent, and apply waterproof wax after wiping.

  5. Using alcohol or diluted bleach also has a mildew removal effect!



Sunlight Employment Agency hopes that the above mold removal guide can help employers and maids to remove mold at home. In fact, it is not as difficult as imagined!

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