How helpers can adjust their homesickness and reduce the impact on work (a must-see for Filipino helpers and Indonesian helpers)

New arrivals

Most of the helpers who are new to Hong Kong are likely to find it difficult to integrate into their employer's family, and they are also prone to feel restless or severely stressed. The most affecting them may be "homesickness". The first half year of hiring a new helper is actually a period of exploration and adjustment with employers.


For helpers who have worked for a period of time, because they have adapted to the pace of life in Hong Kong, their homesickness will not have a big impact on them. However, for newly arrived or young maids who have just completed the training school and are about to leave their hometowns to work in Hong Kong, stress and homesickness will have a relatively greater impact on them.


Questions that maids may worry about when they are away from home:

  • They need to leave their children in the care of others.

  • Facing the challenge of adapting to new life and Hong Kong's fast-paced work environment.

  • Lack of interpersonal support network, it is difficult to get proper relaxation of mental and emotional.

  • Worry about finding a good employer.


Sunlight Tips:

  • Employers may need to prevent the master-servant relationship in the early stage and take the initiative to care for the helpers and help them integrate into the family.

  • Introduce family members to the helper and remind the children in the family not scold to them and treat them with courtesy.

  • Find out about the domestic situation of the  helper.

  • Look for the help of an employment agency, an experienced company that will provide translation and coaching assignments for maids.


In general, employers can properly control their expectations for new helpers. The most important thing is that both parties can use this time to observe and understand each other. In addition to allowing helpers to adapt to the new working environment as soon as possible, it can also enhance their loyalty. It is also possible for the foreign domestic helper to become a good partner for the children at home.


In fact, both employers and employees need a period of adjustment and adaptation psychologically. Everyone should deal with it with a heart-to-heart mentality. Just like when you first started working in a new company, everyone needs a period of time to adapt and have empathy. Sunlight Employment Agency recommends that employers communicate with maids more, not necessarily as employers and maids.

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