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Humid Climate and Mosquito Infestation in Hong Kong

It often rains at the end of summer. After the heavy rain, potted plants with standing water are the favorite places for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. The weather in Hong Kong is getting warmer and colder. The humid weather causes damp problems in the home and provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes.


The weather is getting hotter and humid, and mosquitoes are also increasing, which may transmit dengue fever. Especially in families with children, for the health of children to prevent mosquitoes, it is not suitable to use spraying insecticides containing chemical ingredients, and we must effectively prevent the breeding of mosquitoes!


Today, Sunlight Employment Agency will teach you how to get rid of mosquitoes!


Sunlight Tips

Treatment of stagnant water locations:

Dump out the tires, iron and aluminum cans, canvas, pet bottles, potted plant pads and other accumulated water in the home, and implement the removal of accumulated water containers in the indoor and outdoor environment.


Bleach disinfection method:

Chlorine-containing bleach is available in supermarkets. Dilute it 100 times and wipe the home environment, vases and refrigerators to defrost the chassis. It can also be diluted with 10 liters of water and 40 ml of bleach for disinfection.


Coffee grounds repellent:

Sprinkle some coffee grounds in the house, or collect coffee grounds and place them in a container in a place where mosquitoes are common on weekdays, because mosquitoes do not like the smell of coffee.


Insecticides mixed with soap and laundry detergent:

Mix laundry detergent and soap with water and place around the house. The fragrance of washing powder and soap can induce mosquitoes to lay eggs, which make mosquitoes mistakenly believe that there is food in the water and lay eggs. After the oxygen in the water reacts with soap, the mosquito larvae will die due to lack of oxygen and unable to hatch.


Grapefruit peel / orange peel / lemon peel to kill mosquitoes:

Put the lemon peel in the sun to dry, wrap it in a net or put it in a box with holes, and place it in every corner of the house to prevent mosquitoes.


Mosquito repellent plants:

Plant some mosquito repellent plants in the house, such as mint, rosemary, citronella and lavender, the smell is very special, so that mosquitoes are completely afraid to approach!


Orange light anti-mosquito method:

Put an orange light bulb in the corner of your home, or use a translucent orange cellophane to cover the light bulb!


Sunlight Employment Agency hopes that the above low-cost and practical anti-mosquito measures can help Filipino and Indian helpers have a better understanding of how to repel mosquitoes and reduce the spread of diseases.

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