Damp weather moisture and mold cleaning tips

What is Damp weather?

Stepping into end of march, both the walls and floors of the house and enterprise will become very damp. According to the Hong Kong Observatory, the humidity in Hong Kong has been maintained at 80-95% for a long time from March to April in 2022.


Damp weather means that in late March, the weather is warm and cold. The humid weather not only makes the body particularly vulnerable, but also causes moisture problems in the home! In addition, the washed clothes are difficult to dry and have odors, and furniture and walls have a chance to mold!


When the building was affected by cold air in the early stage, and then affected by the strong warm and humid airflow, the weather quickly became humid and warm, and the air humidity would rise rapidly. At this time, the temperature of the objects in the room has not risen yet. When the warm and humid air is cold, it condenses into water droplets, and the phenomenon of damp weather occurs.


What are the ways to prevent moisture in damp weather? The Sunlight Employment Agency will teach you practical skills against wet weather today!



1. Alcohol wipes

Wet weather makes the wall particularly prone to mold. You can dry the wall with a dry cloth first, and then wipe it with alcohol.


2. Put an end to insects

In wet weather, if the walls are not cleaned frequently, rodents (mud) will appear.

Method 1: Use insect smoke bombs for a whole house cleaning, and then wipe the walls with diluted bleach to eliminate them.

Method 2: If you have animals, you can choose to buy green water from the pharmacy to wipe the walls.


3. Mildew removal

Use a toothbrush or baking soda with water to clean the crevice, and then wipe it with alcohol.


4. Newspaper hygroscopic method

Roll up the newspaper and put it in the closet, and replace it after a week or so.


5. Salt water mopping

The salt water with a water temperature of 30-40 degrees has the effect of quick drying and sterilization!


Laundry cleaning

1. Put an end to mold

Clothes smell musty, remember to check the washing machine first. Most Filipino helpers and Indonesian helpers do not pay attention to the regular cleaning of the washing machine. After long-term exposure to moisture, it is particularly easy to grow mold and breed bacteria. If there is mold in the washing machine itself, no matter how many times the clothes are washed, there will be a smell, and the root cause can be cured by preventing the accumulation of mold.


2. Soda powder/washing machine special cleaning agent

Add water to the empty laundry tank, then add about 100-120 grams of baking soda, and let the washing machine stir for 3-5 minutes. Drain the water after 30 minutes, then wash once with the normal laundry program.


3. Natural citrus peel aromatic and clean

Put a few dried citrus peels in a small mesh bag (if you don't have socks instead), and toss it in the washing machine with your clothes, so that the clothes will have a natural citrus aroma.


4. Lemon + salt

If there are mold spots on the clothes, you can slice a lemon, dip it in salt, and then use the lemon to brush the mold directly on the clothes.


5. Long and short hanging towel method

It is difficult to drain the water from the folded towels on wet days. We should hang the towels long and short to speed up the drying speed.


6. Dehumidifier

Use a hanger to hold the side of the towel away from the sun, and use a dehumidifier to help.


Sunlight Employment Agency hopes that the above simple tips can help helpers to be more handy when cleaning homes in wet weather!

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