Family genetic counseling for pregnant couples

               In China, congenital malformations born every year, plus defects that only appear months and years after birth, account for 4% to 6% of the total number of births each year.

Genetic counseling is a series of conversations and discussions between the consulting physician and the counseling object (the patient with a genetic disease or his family) on the occurrence of a certain genetic disease in the family, the risk of recurrence, the diagnosis and prevention and treatment of a certain genetic disease in the family. , So that the patient or his family members have a comprehensive understanding of the genetic disease and choose the most appropriate decision.

High-risk objects requiring genetic counseling include:

① Both spouses or family members suffer from certain genetic diseases or congenital malformations;

②Couples who have given birth to children with genetic diseases;

③Couples who have had children with unexplained mental retardation or congenital malformations;

④Couples with unexplained repeated miscarriages or stillbirths, stillbirths, etc.;

⑤ Couples who have been infertile for many years after marriage;

⑥ Senior couples over 35 years old;

⑦ Couples of childbearing age who have been exposed to adverse environmental factors for a long time;

⑧ Pregnant women who are exposed to adverse environmental factors during pregnancy and who suffer from certain diseases;

⑨Couples whose routine examination or common genetic disease screening finds abnormalities;

⑩Other situations that need consultation.

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