Prevention and treatment of couples' diseases before pregnancy

               Before planning to become pregnant, it is necessary to actively prevent, screen, and treat chronic diseases and infectious diseases.  

If one or both parties suffer from chronic diseases, they should consider whether they are suitable for pregnancy. Especially for women, if they suffer from heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure and other diseases, they should consider whether they can withstand the whole process of pregnancy and childbirth. In the mild cases, they can get pregnant under the guidance of a doctor. Active treatment.

If the woman suffers from diabetes, epilepsy, chronic appendicitis, psychosis, abnormal thyroid function and other diseases, she should actively treat her condition before pregnancy to control her condition. For example, diabetic patients should control their blood sugar within the normal range before pregnancy and use insulin therapy during pregnancy; patients with epilepsy should control seizures as much as possible before pregnancy, and consider pregnancy after the condition is stable. If the seizures cannot be controlled after stopping the drug, the least toxic and The smallest dose of single drug controls convulsions, and at the same time closely monitors the growth and development of the fetus during pregnancy; patients with chronic appendicitis and frequent attacks should surgically remove the appendix before pregnancy, otherwise the symptoms during pregnancy will aggravate and then treatment, whether it is anesthesia or Surgery may affect pregnancy or the fetus.

If one or both parties suffer from infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, gonorrhea, condyloma acuminatum, etc., it is not suitable to conceive during the infectious period. If the woman suffers from hepatitis, even if it is not contagious, if the liver function is abnormal, she should not conceive.            

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