20 keywords for scientific pregnancy preparation

               Today, when prenatal and postnatal care is gradually being valued, people have gradually realized that the occurrence of birth defects and other adverse pregnancy outcomes is the result of the combined and long-term effects of multiple risk factors such as biology, environment, society, psychology, and behavior, and not only when pregnant women are pregnant. Just started to work. Moreover, for the prevention of birth defects and other adverse pregnancy outcomes, the simple prenatal care model has its limitations, because more than half of women become pregnant in an unknown state and are completely unprepared psychologically and physically for pregnancy. Therefore, it is undoubtedly of great practical significance to expand the scope of antenatal care and start paying attention to the health of mothers and children before pregnancy.

High-quality embryos require high-quality sperm and eggs, as well as a healthy maternal environment, that is, "good seeds, good land", and none of them are missing. To conceive a healthy new life, it is necessary to start before pregnancy and spend a few months (at least 3 months) to prepare to avoid some unfavorable factors that affect the health of sperm, eggs and the mother's environment. This issue of Health Tips will introduce you to specific and practical pre-pregnancy health care measures, hoping to help more people lay a solid foundation for healthy babies before pregnancy.

  20 keywords for scientific pregnancy preparation

  1. Pre-pregnancy physical examination

  2. Immunization

  3. Prevention and treatment of diseases

  4. Genetic counseling

  5. Change the method of contraception

  6. Reasonable nutrition

  7. Supplement folic acid

  8. Supplement calcium, iron, vitamin A

  9. Control weight

  10. Quit smoking

  11. Quit drinking

  12. Avoid sauna

  13. Keep exercising

  14. Keep away from pets

  15. Use medication with caution

  16. Timely transfer of posts

  17. Choose cosmetics carefully

  18. Create a good mood

  19. Harmonious sex life

  20. Another day to conceive

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