What to do if there is not enough breast milk? Mixed feeding helps you

               Mixed feeding refers to a feeding method that uses formula milk as a supplement to provide infant nutrition when the mother's breast milk is insufficient. There are two methods of mixed feeding, namely supplementary instruction and substitute instruction.

1. Complementary Teaching Method

Supplementary feeding method refers to the feeding method of supplementing other dairy products after breastfeeding. The advantage is that it can prevent the baby from having a feeling of hunger and unwilling to suck breast milk after taking formula milk first, resulting in a further decrease in breast milk secretion. It also helps to stimulate breast milk secretion and ensure that the baby gets sufficient nutrition. But the disadvantage is that it is easy to cause the baby's digestive dysfunction, which is not conducive to digestion, and sometimes it can cause the baby's illusion. Poor mastery will make the baby refuse a certain feeding method and choose breast milk or bottle.

2. Substitution method

Substitute delivery method refers to a feeding method in which formula milk or other dairy products are used to replace one or several breastfeedings. Generally, before the mother goes to work, it is not recommended to use this feeding method frequently, because it will reduce the amount of breast milk secretion.

3. It is not recommended to express breast milk and mix with formula milk to feed together

(1) Infant sucking can promote the secretion of mother's milk more than artificial milking.

(2) If the water temperature of the formulated milk is higher, it will destroy the immune substances contained in breast milk.

(3) It is not easy to grasp the amount of formula milk that needs to be supplemented in this way.

(4) Breastfeeding not only allows babies to get nutrients and immune substances that are not found in other milks, but also through direct skin contact between mother and baby, the baby's psychology can be satisfied, and it is more conducive to establishing a good parent-child relationship.

Because of the advantages of breast milk, breast milk should be used as much as possible. The amount of formula milk added should depend on the baby's food intake.            

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