Three professional ethics requirements for baby nurses

               The professional ethics requirements of nursery teachers are the most basic requirements for nursery teachers, and everyone must abide by them. Good professional ethics is the basis for doing a good job. So, what are the specific requirements for the professional ethics of nursery teachers?

(1) Love babies and respect babies

Love babies, be good at discovering their advantages, respect them, trust them, and help them build confidence. Only on this basis can there be more reasonable educational methods and good educational results.

(2) Love and dedication, high-quality service

Loving job means loving your job and loving your own job. Dedication means treating one's own work with an extremely responsible attitude and fulfilling one's duties with due diligence. On the one hand, we must respect and be proud of what we are doing. On the other, we must delve into and explore in depth and strive for excellence.

(3) Observing discipline and law, being honest and trustworthy

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

The main duty of a baby nurse is to take care of babies, and babies are minors. Therefore, they must understand and abide by the Law on the Protection of Minors. Some nurses think that the baby is small and cannot speak, so it is illegal to beat him when he is upset or the baby is disobedient. Some even abuse him. This is illegal.

Ms. Zhang in Shenzhen has a baby over 2 years old. For a long time, she seemed to fall asleep day and night, and she was not interested in eating or drinking. Later, the baby's complexion became like white paper.

Ms. Zhang was very worried and took the child to the hospital to see a doctor. After a blood test, the doctor said that the child had taken sleeping pills. Ms. Zhang was surprised. She wondered who might feed her baby sleeping pills. After thinking about it for a long time, she thought that the most likely baby nurse was the nurse at home. So, she went back to ask the nursery teacher Xiao Peng. Xiao Peng did not admit it. In desperation, Ms. Zhang called the police. After receiving the police, she took it seriously and immediately launched an investigation. Finally, she found that there were sleeping pills in Xiao Peng's room, and they were indeed in the baby. Sleeping pills are added to the milk.

Xiao Peng in the case obviously violated the "Minors Protection Law."

In addition, baby nurses work in the employer's house, so you must not be greedy. Some people envy the hostess who dresses beautifully. Some people become jealous when they see the employer's money. Someone has gone to work or even went to prison. Therefore, as a baby nurse, you must abide by the law and do not take a fluke.

2. Honest and trustworthy

Honesty and trustworthiness refers to the character and behavior of being truthful and not deceiving, keeping promises and contracts.

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