Top 10 causes of premature babies

Premature babies are actually immature babies, and their incidence varies among different races, races, and socioeconomic classes. With the improvement of modern medicine and nursing technology, the survival rate of premature babies is also greatly improved. Although senior confinement infants do not need to know the care of premature babies in the dangerous period at birth, they should understand some common knowledge so that they can provide better and more scientific care after the babies are discharged from the hospital.

From a medical point of view, the cause of preterm infants is not very clear, but in clinical case analysis, most of the emergence of preterm infants is related to the following factors.

(1) Maternal socioeconomic factors, such as malnutrition, younger or older childbearing age.

(2) The parturient has illness, trauma or excessive fatigue, smoking, etc. in the early pregnancy.

(3) Parturients suffer from obstetric complications during pregnancy.

(4) The parturient suffers from other chronic diseases during pregnancy.

(5) Deformities of the genitals, loose intrauterine mouth or congenital looseness after gynecological surgery.

(6) The parturient suffers from acute diseases.

(7) Pregnant women suffering from acute infectious diseases with high fever, acute or chronic poisoning, severe hemolytic disease or anemia during pregnancy

(8) Conceived by embryo transfer.

(9) Race and genetic factors.

(10) There are still a considerable number of premature babies due to other reasons.
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