Developmental characteristics and indicators of full-month infants

1. Physical development


The baby of the full moon will laugh at the first tease. When you are happy, you will make a sound of "Ya Yi Ya" or "Gu Yi Gu", so adults should communicate with him more. At this time, the baby's face is flat, broad nose, plump cheeks, narrow shoulders and hips, short neck, rounded chest and belly, arms and legs always like to bend, and two small hands make fists. The specific indicators are as follows:



2. Movement development


Babies from birth to 1 month have an active stage of movement development, they can make many different movements, and their facial expressions are gradually enriched. In sleep, sometimes pouting the mouth seems to be very aggrieved, and sometimes there will be unconscious smiles, these facial movements are the performance of the baby's peace and happiness after eating.


Three, sensory development


After one month of nurturing, the baby's voice to his mother is very familiar. He will be surprised when he hears a strange voice. If the voice is too loud, he will cry out of fear. Therefore, you should listen to some soft music or songs to the baby, and the voice of speaking and singing should be pleasing to the ears. Babies like to talk to him by the people around them, and they feel lonely and cry when no one cares about him.


A full-month baby has a much more sensitive skin sensation ability than an adult. Sometimes the parents don’t pay attention and put a piece of hair or other things on him to stimulate the skin. He will move around the whole body or cry to indicate that he is very uncomfortable. At this time, the baby is very sensitive to heat and cold, and expresses his dissatisfaction with the adults by crying. The movements of the two eyes are not coordinated enough and respond to both bright light and dark environments. He doesn't like bitter and sour foods. If they are given to him, he will refuse.


Fourth, sleep characteristics


A full-moon baby spends most of the day in sleep, and can sleep 18-20 hours a day, of which about 3 hours sleep soundly and in a deep sleep state.
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