Type:Local Religion:Catholic Nationality:Filipino
AGE:36 Marital:Single mother Sex:Women
Height:145cm Weight:46kg Birthplace:BUTUAN CITY PHILS.
Zodiac:Ox Constellation:Aries Finish: --
Type:Local Religion:Catholic
AGE:36 Zodiac:Ox
Marital:Single mother Sex:Women
Height:145cm Weight:46kg
Finish: --
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Comments Reference
HK- 4y (20/08/2021 done 2nd. dose vaccination)
brothers:2 ranking:3 sisters:1 children: Age of children:
No Yes Good
new-born babies
Taking care of young children
Take care of disability
Take care of the elderly
*Experienced maids have four years or more of experience
Language skills
learning nomal good

GRADUATED   --   HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE   --   --   --   --   --   --   --  
Part of the main working experience
from 2013 to 2017
House Cleaning Doing the laundries
Ironing Cooking
Chinese Food Western Food
Care of new-born babies
Care of young children
Care of elderly / disabled
Car Washing Other :COUPLE 5
from 2018 to 2022
House Cleaning Doing the laundries
Ironing Cooking
Chinese Food Western Food
Care of new-born babies Ages:NB BB girl
Care of young children Ages:1y boy
Care of elderly / disabled
Car Washing Other :3 rooms share room with BB
The job want to do most
new-born babies (0-1y)
Taking care of young children (1-5y)
Taking care of young children (6-12y)
Healthy elderly
Disabled elderly
Disabled elderly
Take care of pet dogs
Willing to work without own servant room
Work with Indonesian maid
Work with Filipino maid
Do you have all complete and normal body parts?
Would you agree to do extra work?
Living with elderly person?
Are you willing to work for a family without your own servant room?
If your holiday not on Sunday do you agree?
If your employer asked you to work on your rest day and is willing to pay as compensation,are you willing to do so?
Can you handle pork?
Do you smoke?
Do you drink alcoholic drinks?
Are you wearing glasses?
Do you need a hearing aid?
Do you have any infectious skin disease?
Do you take any long-term medication or psychotropic substance?
Do you eat pork?
All the information in this document (including my personal data) is provided by me to the Sunshine Maid Center for my job search for foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong. I understand and agree that Sunshine Maid Center will upload the information on the website of Sunlight Employment Agency for all visitors to watch. I certify that all the contents of the above-mentioned applicant's information certification and all the submitted information are true and correct. The above information is provided by the applicant. If any discrepancy is found, the applicant must bear the responsibility. Sunshine Maid Center declares: The accuracy and timeliness of the rest of the information of this helper, except for the "personal data" of the helper at the top, cannot be verified. Customers need to verify the relevant information during the interview and selection process. The authenticity of the helper information is not guaranteed.
Customer notice
According to the Hong Kong Immigration Department's "Employing Domestic Helpers from Foreign Countries" guide, you only need to meet the following conditions to apply for overseas domestic helpers for your family:
1. Have sufficient financial ability to hire helpers. Generally speaking, for every helper hired, the employer's household income must be no less than $15,000 per month, or the employer must have assets of a similar amount, sufficient to hire the helper for the entire contract period;
2. The helper and the employer must sign a specified standard employment contract (ID 407);
3. The helper can only perform the housework listed in the standard employment contract for the employer;
4. Helpers are not allowed to engage in employment work for others during their stay in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region;
5. Employers must promise to pay their helpers no less than the minimum wage stipulated by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. If there is no meal provided to the helper, the agreed meal allowance shall not be less than HK$1,173 per month;
6. The helper must work and live in the employer's residence specified in the standard employment contract;
7. Employers must provide helpers with suitable accommodation with reasonable privacy;
8. There is no doubt about the true purpose of the employment relationship between the employer and the helper;
9. Neither the employer nor the helper has any known bad records;
10. The employer must be a Hong Kong resident who actually resides in Hong Kong.
Source: Hong Kong Immigration Department-Hiring Domestic Helpers from Foreign Countries (Simple Guide) [ID(E)969]
Basic Labor Laws
For common legal questions about foreign domestic helpers, you can refer to the website of the Immigration Department

Some of the laws generally applied to local employees also apply to foreign domestic helpers. You can refer to the website of the Labour Department

Labour Department website

"Job-hopping foreign domestic helper" means premature contract termination and wages is higher than the Minimum Allowable Wages. Besides the maid’s “Personal Data” in the first page, there are no feasible means to verify completely the accuracies and timeliness of information listed in this bio-data , Clients should verify by themselves the related information during the interviews and screenings.
The information provided on this website is for reference only. No express or implied warranty is given by the Sunlight Employment agency as to the accuracy of the information and will NOT be liable for any errors in, omissions from, or misstatements or misrepresentations (whether express or implied) concerning any such information.